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  • 15 Sep 2023 2:22 PM | Kimberly Kuamoo

    Image from

    Let AWAKENDmind, powered by BrainTap, gently guide your brain from the chronic and destructive fight-or-flight state into deep relaxation that naturally restores your parasympathetic balance. In this state, you can tap into your innate power to create an exceptional quality of life.

    DR Porter on the science of Braintap

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  • 11 Jul 2023 1:58 PM | Melanie Edman-Osmer (Administrator)

    Google Bot

    Make the bots happy - organically!

    Organic Search Engine Optimization, or Organic SEO, is using common-sense strategies to increase traffic to your website and improve your site's non-paid search engine results.  And if you can get it for free, do it!

    But where do you begin?

    First, let's understand how this happens.  Most search engine results, roughly 68%, begin with a query typed into a search engine, such as Google, Bing, Duck-Duck-Go, etc.  Someone types in whatever they are looking for, be it "how to fix my dishwasher" or "where is the closest coffee shop with a drive through?" and a search engine results page is generated (aka, SERP, for those who like acronyms). There are a few ways to show up on that SERP without having to spend hard-earned money.

    In the resulting page, there will be paid results (at the top of the page) and below that are the organic search results.  I don't know about you, but I tend to go for the organic results and usually scroll past the "paid".  I'm just a rebel that way!

    And I'm not alone, studies show those organic search results gain many more clicks!

    These SERPs aren't just the result of some random lottery win, but each search engine employs its own proprietary algorithm to serve up these web pages. Search engines use crawlers (sometimes called bots or spiders) and these crawlers, as the name implies, crawl from page to page on the world wide web and collect all kinds of content such as text articles, blog posts, even videos and images.

    All this data is then stored in the search engine's database, just waiting for someone to type in their query! Since the late 90s, Google has offered few clues into their 200+ algorithms, but studies have found that some things stand out.

    Relevance of page content is, of course, important.  Also, pages should HAVE content and not limited to images. I often refer to this as “food for the Google Bot”. The quantity and diversity of linking websites (both links from your site to others and links back to your website) is also helpful.  But be wary of “link farms” (not as popular as they were in the early days of the Internet), but simply trading links for the sake of trading links can backfire!  If you link to a website which later goes down and you have not removed that link, that can have a negative impact.  Or if you link to a website which a search engine perceives to contain inaccurate content or lacking accepted facts, that too can negatively affect you. And if your own website contains information which the search engine deems to be inaccurate content or lacking accepted facts, that too can keep your site from showing up on that SERP.  

    Mobile friendliness plays a huge role.  In fact, Google will give websites which are built to adapt to different sized-screens a boost in the search engines. Make sure your website is mobile friendly and it will make the Google Bot happy.

    How long ago you updated content on the page is important, too. If the Google Bot returns time after time and there is no fresh “food” to gobble, he gets bored and ranks your page lower. So, be sure to update the content on your webpage from time to time to keep things fresh. 
    Keywords in the URL are beneficial, too. If you are selling Super Duper Widgets, make sure your page name reflects this! Use a page name like super_duper_widgets.html.  And of course, your domain itself should reflect the brand.  Look for a domain when you begin that reflects who you are., for example. Your URL could then be 

    Be leery of unscrupulous practices.  In the late 90’s and early 2000s, a lot of web designers caught onto the value of keywords and began “cloaking”. They would insert keywords into a webpage in the same color as the page background, for example, so humans could not see these words, but the search engines could.  Search engines grew smart and weary of these practices and will down-rank a website for such practices today!

    Another no-no is “keyword stuffing”.  If you repeat keywords over and over on a web page to gain relevance, the search engines will punish you for it and not help you rank! Think of it this way and you will avoid these bad practices: if a human would not say it that way naturally or a human cannot see something in the visible content of your page, don’t do it!

    There are keyword meta and description tags which can be used to assist in ranking, though some argue they are not as relevant as they once were.  That said, I find they still help. You should include a meta keyword tag, adding no more than 20 (key)words or short phrases that a human might type into a search engine to find your webpage. This is where you can have kind of an “out of body experience” and think if I were looking for me, what would I type into the search bar? What words? What short phrases would you type?

    Your description meta tag is still useful for a couple of reasons. Packed with relative keywords, it reiterates what your webpage is about. It is often used, too, as the short descriptive paragraph appearing with results on those SERPs! This is a great place to really anchor the message you are trying to convey on that individual page. Make each page’s description and keyword meta tags unique, too, because you guessed it, repeating the same thing on every page of your website will only negatively impact your site’s rank.

    These are all simple, but very practical tips for organic SEO.  If you employ them into your website, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits of more clicks without spending money on paid advertising or paid SEO!

    Melanie Edman-Osmer has been the owner of We Have a Site Web Design for 17 years.

    This is Melanie Edman-Osmer's card. Their email is Their phone number is +1 530 622 7483.

  • 24 Jun 2023 10:09 PM | Kay Marchelle Guerrero

    I’ve recently read an interesting article on the benefits of walking.  Being a person with “wellness” always in mind I just have to is a short segment but I highlighted on the benefits of walking; especially for those of us that are getting on in years.  

    Moderately paced walks stimulate the release of protein called brain-derived neuropathic factor, or BDNF, that is key to the survival of existing brain neurons and the generation of new ones.  “Perhaps the most exciting finding is that aerobic forms of exercise likely help facilitate the growth of new neurons,” says Patrick Smith, associate professor of psychiatry at the university of North Carolina at chapel hill.  

    All this to say, it’s time to get moving and while we are doing that we can be rest assured we are helping our body to heal.  

    I truly believe that exercise , eating a healthy balanced diet, massage and lots of things alternative (to modern medicine) are used as preventive, treatment and ultimately a daily rejuvenation. 

    Yours Truly



  • 13 Jun 2023 5:59 PM | Cathy Williams

    Start with the basics....Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize.
    The products you use should be based on your skin type and should help address any skin conditions you have.
    Did you know that skin conditions can change? Based on environmental, hormonal, medical, diet.....any of these situations can cause a change in your skin condition.
    Do you have a basic skin care routing that you stick to on a regular basis? Do you cleanse your face morning and night? And do you remove your makeup BEFORE you cleanse?
    How often do you exfoliate? Is it a manual or chemical exfoliation?
    Moisturizers should leave your face feeling hydrated and fresh, never heavy or oily. Does your moisturizer leave your face feeling fresh?
    I can help you with any of these issues or concerns.  Samples available of most of our skin care products.

  • 20 Apr 2023 1:45 AM | Kimberly Kuamoo

    Leptin ia a hormone made by fat cells that regulates food intake & energy expenditure by communicating with the brain. its the gate keeper of fat metabolism.

    Message Leptin sends to the brain:   "Keep eating & store fat" or Stop eating & burn fat"

    Leptin was discovered in 1994 at Rockefeller University. Scientists origionally thought if they gave Leptin to overweight people, they would lose weight. BUT they quickly discovered overweight people have TOO MUCH Leptin & are Leptin insensitive.   

    "Your Leptin levels are directly tied to the total amount of body fat you have!"

    So if you or someone you know, have been struggling with those last few pounds of fat or are like me and have a substantial amount of weight to lose. Let me show you how taking 3 all natural 2 ingredient clinically proven capsules  twice a day can help you win the battle. please contact me or click here for more info

  • 3 Apr 2023 4:13 PM | Lisa Rosted

    Welcome Spring!

    From big family parties to small get-togethers with a few friends, a little extra attention to your table elevates the occasion as much as the menu you serve. You might see elaborate tablescapes all over the internet for birthday parties, showers, and graduations. These creations can take a lot of extra time and money, but you can set out something impressive without much hassle using what you already have on hand. Here are five basic design tips to consider when putting together a stunning—yet effortless—table.

    Click here for five basic design tips to consider when putting together a stunning—yet effortless—table.

  • 20 Jan 2023 2:36 PM | Sylvia Strouse


    We want to keep the body as clean from toxic chemicals as possible to ensure its proper operation. Sleep, blood sugar control, stress control, a healthy gut, and exercise are all important for our detox processes to function well. These should all be addressed over time as you work to improve your overall lifestyle. Below are additional tips for dealing with chemical toxins.

    Foods & Compounds that Support the Liver and Detox:

    • Fiber-rich foods. Toxins bind to fiber, helping the body to eliminate them. They also support the gut, in turn supporting the liver and kidneys in their detox efforts. Fiber even binds to heavy metals.

    • Greens and green juices; chlorophyll.

    • Berries rich in phytonutrients that boost antioxidant and glutathione levels.

    • Cruciferous vegetables, Sulphur, indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane. • Lemon and lime juices. These include vitamin C, which is best to get from vitamin C rich foods.

    • Limonene (found in the peels of citrus fruits, and in some other plants) boosts phase 1 and phase 2 liver detox.

    • Selenium-rich foods, including brazil nuts.

    • Sprouted broccoli and radishes. • Liver from grass-fed cattle. (Be very cautious on where you are sourcing liver.)

    • Fermented foods help bind heavy metals, pesticides, and BPA.

    • Dandelion, rosemary, turmeric, milk thistle, burdock, globe artichoke all promote liver health. In addition to these nutrients, massages help clear the lymphatic system.

  • 9 Nov 2022 5:57 PM | Teresa Murphy-Spencer

    Steps that can help you to be in control of your online privacy!

     Step One: Delete the accounts you don’t use.

    Step Two: Delete apps you don’t use from your phone. Before you delete an app, make sure to first delete any associated account you may have created alongside it. Remove the app once that’s done.

    Step Three: Audit third-party app access. If you use a social media account to log in to a service (like logging in to Strava with a Google account), you access social media accounts through third-party apps (like Tweetbot), or you use a third-party app to access data like calendars or email, it’s worth periodically checking those accounts to remove anything you don’t need anymore. By regularly reviewing app usage, you can gain more control over your data. All the major tech companies offer tools to see which apps you’ve granted access to your account. Go through and revoke access to apps and services you no longer use.

    Step Four: Delete software you do not use on your computer.

    Step Five: Remove browser extensions you don’t use. Browser extensions have a bad habit of taking all sorts of data, so it’s important to be careful what you install. This is also why it’s a good idea to periodically go through and remove any extensions you don’t really need.

    Step Six: Remove yourself from public records sites. If you have ever searched for your own name online, you’ve probably come across a database that lists information like your address, phone number, or even criminal records. This data is accumulated by data brokers, companies that comb through public records and other sources to create a profile of people. You can remove yourself from these sites, but it can take a couple hours of work to do so the first time you try it. Check out this GitHub page for a list of directions for every one of these sites. If you’re short on time, focus on the ones with skull icons next to them, like PeekYou, Intelius, and PeopleFinder.

    Step Seven: Reset and recycle (or donate) devices you don’t use. If you have electronics, you don’t use anymore—old tablets, laptops, smart speakers, cameras, storage drives, and so forth—factory-reset them (or if it’s a laptop, wipe the storage drive), delete any associated accounts, and then find a place to recycle or donate them. Older computers, tablets, and phones often have more life in them, and there’s always someone who can use them. Sites like the National Cristina Foundation can help you find somewhere to donate locally, and the World Computer Exchange donates globally. If you can’t donate a device, like an old smart speaker, most Best Buys have a drop box for recycling old electronics. The less cruft on your devices, the better your general privacy and security. But it also tends to improve the general performance of your hardware, so 30 minutes of effort is a win-win. Combined with a password manager and two-factor authentication, these steps can stymie some of the most common security and privacy breaches we all face.


  • 29 Sep 2022 12:37 PM | Linda Maynerich

    Bringing you a way to grow all year inside and out.  Growing your own fresh, nutrient-rich foods without dirt.  Tower Garden ~Grow a healthier you all year around.

  • 22 Sep 2022 9:08 AM | Marilyn Barker

    4 Benefits of Connecting with Nature

    You know how good it feels to get out and relax in nature, right? It’s time out from the stresses of everyday life, space and clean air, to breathe and take some time for yourself. But did you also know that there are scientifically proven health benefits to connecting with the natural world? It’s so beneficial you could even call it nature therapy! Here’s how being in the great outdoors is great for you.

    • 1.     Nature reduces stress and anxiety

    Being out in nature has a measurable effect on your stress levels. They go right down, also lowering your risk of anxiety and depression. Even if you live and work in high rise glass and steel buildings, having a dose of the natural world can help lift your mood, your cognitive function, and your mental health. Whether it’s a walk in the park or even having a plant on your desk or being able to look out of the window, any connection with nature will help.

    • 2.     Connection with nature is healing

    Studies have shown that even being able to see a natural landscape can help hospital patients recover faster.

    It also helps your immune system function better. Scientists have found more than twenty pathways or connections between exposure to nature and improved health, protecting you from heart disease, depression, and diabetes.

    • 3.     Nature changes your perceptions of the world.

    Researchers have found that walking through a rural area changed the study participants attitude toward their to-do list. They saw their tasks as more manageable than participants who walked through city streets.

    People who exercise outdoors move faster, have a lowered perception of effort, enjoy their exercise more, and are more likely to stick to their routine than people exercising in a gym.

    • 4.     Nature is great for your mental health

    Remember how good it feels to be near the ocean, a river or a waterfall? That’s because the air near moving water is full of negative ions that can act as natural anti-depressants. It’s the same effect as the change in the air after a thunderstorm when the air is no longer oppressive but clear and fresh.

    There are now many studies which show that people living in green areas, or who have access to green spaces in cities, have significantly better mental wellbeing than people who live cut off from nature.

    Even having an aquarium, houseplants, or a view onto green space can help.

    Marilyn Barker is a Business Consultant, Motivational Coach, Goal Success Coach. Helping you feel good and get focused on what you want out of life. Learn more about all the wonderful things she offers at 

    Barker Business Services, Marilyn Barker

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