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How to Identify Text Messages that are Really SPAM

11 Nov 2021 1:33 PM | Wendy Howell

Everyone who has a cell phone has likely been the recipient of SPAM text messages which have recently become more common. These messages are being added to the already sometimes overwhelming number of SPAM emails and calls people deal with on a daily basis. Like SPAM calls and emails, there are things to look for to help determine when an incoming text message is really SPAM.

This post discusses a few things to help you identify when incoming text messages are actually SPAM that should be deleted.

How to Identify Text Messages that are Really SPAM

There are several different things you can look for when an incoming text message arrives to help determine if the message is likely to be SPAM. If you aren't sure, it is a good idea to err on the side of caution and delete the message. At the very least, do not click on any links included in the message.

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