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Daily Method of Operations to Build Your Digital Audience

20 Apr 2021 2:54 PM | Deleted user

Choose a Social Media Platform to start with (add more later)

Spend a few minutes liking and commenting on posts in your newsfeed

Send targeted friend requests including a personal message to Build Your Audience Daily (5 to 10 per day)

Check your friends Birthdays daily and send a personal message to them to engage them in a conversation

Have new conversations with people each day.  (Set a goal of 3 to 5 a day) Use a follow up system to continue to engage with them and eventually move them from Social Media to your CRM

Review requests from others and determine if you want to accept their request to connect and then send them a personal message to start the conversation 

Join one or two groups that interest you and like and comment on posts there daily.  Answer questions and become a resource there.  Then find people you want to connect with there and send friend requests with a personal message.  

If you already have an email list, have a goal to add 3 to 5 people to it daily

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