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By joining The Women's Business Network, you'll receive special member-only benefits like chapter meetings to market your business (in person and virtually), listing in our online directory and access to online educational database. You also have access to other social and business events, advertising oportunites and more.

Your membership dollars help support our valuable program with online resources and marketing/promotional items. 

  • Listing in your Chapters Online Directory

  • The ability to Showcase your Business at your chapter meeting.

  • Opportunity to submit articles for inclusion on the blog.

  • Opportunity to be featured on our social media platforms.

  • Network with like minded women business owners

  • Private Facebook Group to discuss business tips and practices

  • Access to our online Educational Database (Coming Soon)

Local Chapter Memberships are Company Exclusive.
National Memberships are Non Company Exclusive.

You may represent up to 2 businesses within The Women's Business Network. You must purchase 2 memberships of the same type. 

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The Women's Business Network

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